Careers Counselling

Being happy and content in your working life, and the direction in which your life is going, is fundamental to your well being, your ability to enjoy life, and your potential to flourish. 

As an adult, you may have worked hard to get where you are but find yourself stuck in a career or working environment which does not feel right.


As a young person, you might want to place yourself in the best position to make important decisions about your future confidently, and in way which feels right for you. 

It's never too early, or too late, to explore who are are and what you would like to get out of your life to get the very best experience from your working life.

How the process works

Where careers advisers often look to match to you a long, sometimes seemingly random and often overwhelming, list of potential careers boxes, I start with you.  Knowing yourself thoroughly, and having a good sense of your abilities, values, interests and dreams, provides insight, empowerment, and a strong foundation to take clear and uplifting decisions and actions.

I bring a lengthy understanding of psychotherapeutic processes and techniques, to bring a specialist focus on your working future.  Through a journey of exploration into your life up until this point, your current circumstances, developing and consolidating your sense of your abilities, and cultivating the connection with your interests and values we can develop a clearer understanding of yourself with which to develop your goals, outline and map out your future.

We can work together on barriers which may have been preventing you from discovering your best path, or taking important steps in the right direction.