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"Investing in your own personal development is the most important and valuable investment you can make."

Daryl Nicholas

Psychotherapist, Adv Dip, MA, MBACP

Are you looking for superior personal development?
Want to understand yourself from top to bottom and inside out?
Are you looking to reach your potential?

You are in the right place.


Psychotherapist, MA, Adv Dip, MBACP


The 360 Programme

Conduct deep work on your past, present, and future, including your study, work, career, friendships, relationships, and focus on developing and reaching your goals. Utilise effective contemporary approaches within a comprehensive or tailored programme.

Understand yourself with a whole new level of insight, change unhelpful or repeated patterns of behaviour, find direction, and improve effectiveness.  These structured programmes are carried out on a one to one basis and are available in a full 360 insight package and a shorter, and more focussed, 360 accelerator package.  Both packages are available in person, online, or through a combination of in person and online.

The 360 Insight Programme

A 18  week advanced personal development programme structured to provide all round insight into who you are, how you've developed, and where you are heading.

'Don't leave a stone unturned' as you are supported and challenged through intense activities that cover the depth and breadth of who you are.  You'll be supported to take on all of the key elements with the 360 programme to maximise your personal insight.

The 360 Accelorator Programme

High speed insight for your all round development. After initial exploration, follow a tailored approach to developing 360 insight. 

Follow a handpicked personal development programme targeted at your own individual needs and aims over a 10 week period.  Receive support to guide you through a selection of challenging activities to intensify your self knowledge.

Who is the programme aimed at?

If you would like an all round in-depth insight into your psychological development, relationships, emotional health, and life direction, and the basis of what makes you who you are, then the 360 programme is for you.

You might find an uncertainty in your sense of yourself, want to understand why your relationships or career are not working for you, you might want to boost your confidence, or want to reach your potential and experience enhanced self discovery. 

It’s only when we fully know ourselves that we’re able to reveal unconscious processes at play, identify the source of unhelpful and destructive thoughts and behaviours, and make conscious decisions to create new and exciting outcomes.  Being true to ourselves, with the enlightenment provided through structured exploration, allows you to make decisions that feel right for you and provide you with a compass for your life direction.  Take part and see your confidence flourish.

The programme is not right for everyone and you will need to be ready to be supported and challenged.  For those wishing to work on a specific issue, or if you are finding it difficult to uphold areas of your current life, you may find it more advantageous to book regular therapy sessions.  Simply book an initial consultation to identify whether the 360 programme or regular therapy is most suitable for you.

What is covered in the programme?


The 360 programme programme is carried out on a one to one basis and structured to maximise self insight through a progressive series of illuminating activities that will shine a light on who you really are:


  • Journey through your past, key relationships, and upbringing to make sense of your psychological development

  • Understand unhelpful patterns of behaviour and what is holding you back

  • Examine where you are in your career and /or relationships

  • Identify a future that 'feels right' for you

  • Expand your comfort zones and your confidence

  • Set and achieve the goals that allow you to reach your potential

How to get started?

There are a limited number of spaces available on the 360 programme programme and not everybody who applies will get a place.  The programme is only for those who are ready and have registered their interest in advance.

If you, or somebody you know, is ready to take on the 360 programme and would like to register your interest simply click here.  You will then be made aware of when the next possible start place would be and you will be asked to book an initial consultation to assess your readiness for the programme and to find out further details.

How does the 360 programme differ from therapy?

There are some key differences that differentiate the 360 programme and therapy.....

The 360 programme provides:

  • More structure to allow a quicker submersion into key areas of your life

  • Elevated guidance as you are supported and challenged through set and bespoke activities

  • Enhanced coverage of your past, present, and future

  • A greater focus on your all-round personal development and self insight

  • A defined start and ending of the process

  • More rapid and intense self discovery

There are also important similarities too.....

Both the 360 programme and therapy provide a confidential, supportive, and a non-judgemental environment.  Sessions will be arranged at a convenient time for you.

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