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Daryl Nicholas

Psychotherapist, Adv Dip, MA, MBACP

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” – Ralph Ellison



Would you like to truly 'know' yourself?
Looking to take on challenges with more confidence?
Would you like to reach your potential?

You are in the right place.

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Psychotherapist, MA, Adv Dip, MBACP


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

The INSIGHT Programmes

The INSIGHT programmes bring together the very best effective contemporary approaches from across the spectrum of psychotherapy.  The programmes are tailored to your needs, to bring enhanced insight into who you are within a comprehensive or a more focussed format. 


Conduct deep work on your past, present, and future, including your patterns of behaviour, your individual mind and emotional experiences, your early life experience, significant past and present relationships, and other important areas of your life, to discover who you truly are. 

It’s only when we fully know ourselves, revealing unconscious processes at play, identifying the sources of unhelpful and destructive thoughts and behaviours, that we are able to make conscious decisions to create new, healthier, and exciting outcomes.  Understanding ourselves developmentally, the way our minds work, our emotional patterns, through making a deeper connection with ourselves, allows us to better navigate life's challenges with authenticity and confidence.  Being true to ourselves, with the enlightenment provided through structured exploration, allows you to make decisions that feel right for you and provide you with a compass to find direction.  Take part in the INSIGHT programmes and start making sense of you and your life.


These structured programmes are carried out on a one to one basis, involve weekly sessions at a time to suit you.  Due to the popularity of the programmes, the range and options were increased at the beginning of Autumn 2023.  Five programmes are now available:  the most comprehensive Complete INSIGHT, the advanced 360 INSIGHT, the more selective  INSIGHT Focus, the concise INSIGHT Sprint, and the INSIGHT Accelerator, specifically tailored for young people and young adults.  The programmes vary in length between 12 and 30 weeks.  All programmes are available in person, online video appointments, or through a combination of in person and online.  The sessions will be planned around your availability, and this can take into account planned breaks to fit around your other comitments.

We'll work together on developing a stronger foundation of self knowledge to bring an authentic confidence, a better sense of direction, and a clear idea of an approach to past, present, and future challenges that feels both enlightening and empowering. 

The programmes are structured in order to gain a deep understanding of you, and therefore, what you personally get out of the programme will depend on your personal challenges, needs, and aspirations - some of these will be known by you, and we can ensure that the programme incorporates these when we plan your programme, others will come to light within the course of the programme where we can work on them.  Here are the most common areas people find they have benefitted from having completed the INSIGHT programme*:

  • Changing unhelpful, destructive, or repeated patterns of behaviour

  • A deeper understanding of oneself

  • Making sense of themselves within important relationships

  • Combating depression

  • Challenging anxious thoughts and feelings

  • Improvement in confidence

  • Tackling indecision

  • Feeling empowered

  • Finding direction (educational, professional, relational)

  • Improved effectiveness

  • Development of self identity

If you are experiencing challenges in any of the areas listed here, then it's likely that the  INSIGHT programmes will be right for you.

What might I gain through the INSIGHT programmes?*

I OWN THIS shutterstock_208432183_edited.jpg
I OWN THIS shutterstock_1927160003_edited_edited.jpg

FIVE PROGRAMMES: You'll be supported to identify the best option for you


An advanced personal development programme, structured to provide all-round insight into who you are, how you've developed.  Work on current challenges and opportunities, and realise a future path that feels right for you.  The 360 programme is now available over 24 weeks.

'Don't leave a stone unturned' as you are supported and challenged through activities and experiences that cover the depth and breadth of who you are.  You'll be supported to take on all of the key elements within the 360 programme to maximise your personal insight.

If you would like a comprehensive all round and in-depth insight into who you are then the 360  INSIGHT programme is right for you.  Explore and understand your psychological development, family history, your individual mind and emotional patterns, your past and current relationships, and life direction.  Explore and get to know the core you who you are.

Complete INSIGHT

Maximise the benefits of self awareness, and ensure you stay on the track towards a healthier, happier, and more contented life.  The Complete INSIGHT programme is inclusive of all of the components of the 360 programme, with additional support and challenge over a longer, 30 week period.  Truly embed your new understanding, transition yourself away from unhealthy adaptions, find consistency and confident progress in achieving your ambitions.


A more selective approach, now available over 18 weeks, working on the areas that are most key to you. Cultivating self awareness and development within a shorter timeframe.  After an initial exploration and planning session around your needs, follow a targeted approach to develop self insight. 

Follow a handpicked personal development programme targeted at your own individual needs and aims.  Receive support to guide you through a selection of enlightening activities to intensify your self knowledge.

INSIGHT Accelerator

Aimed at young people and young adults.  Follow a targeted programme specifically designed for this life stage.  Now available over 18 weeks.  This programme is perfect for young adults who'd like to understand themselves, emerge from their current and past challenges, make sense of professional, social, and intimate experiences, and find confidence to discover and achieve their ambitions.  

Whether you feel confused, lack confidence, or want a launch pad to reach your potential, then accelerated insight can help.  


The most concise option, over a 12 week period.  Whether you are aiming to understand yourself and your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, in relation to a specific situation, or you are looking to gain a general overview of who you are, then the Sprint option could be for you.

To help decide which INSIGHT programme is right for you, simply book an initial consultation.  We can discuss the options and determine which programme will best suit your needs.

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.” – Gautama Buddha

If you feel ready to benefit from the INSIGHT programme, or you know of someone who is, and would like to register your interest simply click here, use the 'contact me' button above, or email and reference 'The Insight Programme' within your message.  We can then arrange for an initial assessment consultation to meet each other, understand whether the INSIGHT programme or regular therapy, is best for you, and for you to find out further details.

How to get started?

How do the INSIGHT programmes differ from open-ended therapy?

There are some key differences that differentiate the INSIGHT programme and unstructured, open-ended therapy.

The INSIGHT programme provides:

  • More structure to allow a quicker submersion into key areas of your life

  • Longer sessions, with additional out of session practitioner analysis

  • Elevated guidance as you are supported and challenged through set and bespoke activities

  • Enhanced coverage of your past, present, and future

  • A greater focus on your all-round personal development and self insight

  • The pace of progress delivers better value for money and time

  • A defined start and ending of the process

  • More rapid and intense self discovery

There are also important similarities too.....

Both the INSIGHT programme and less structured therapy provide a confidential, supportive, and a non-judgemental environment.  Sessions will be arranged at a convenient time for you.

*Please note:  Whilst every effort will be made to maximise your experience of, and the benefits you gain from, the Insight programmes, as with any psychological therapy, specific outcomes of taking part in the Insight programmes are not guaranteed.  Many factors can influence progress, and I will be happy to discuss this with you at your initial assessment consultation. 

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Appointments are also available in Stratford, Kenilworth and Coventry.  Please contact me to check availability in these locations. 

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